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[technology-pmc] [CQ 3308] OFMP server

--- Comment #9 from Aleksey Aristov <aristov@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>  2009-05-16 06:46:29 ---
> While this may be true, requiring that somebody have a specific commercial
> product in order to use an open source project is a bit of a violation of the
> spirit of open source, isn't it?
Totally agree. The goal is to support at least one open source database as a
reference implementation. Support for commercial databases can be done my
business around the project. And such support doesn't even have to be open

> FWIW, EclipseLink/Dali can generate DDL for every database I've ever seen...
And this is the point. Once it's based on EclipseLink - we will go away from
this problem.

Fred: maybe we simply skip oracle .sql files from the initial contribution.
Same , about iBatis .xml mappings. They are simply configuration files, that
reflect specific database vendors. Besides these files I don't remember that we
have any dependencies on Oracle. 

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