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Re: [technology-pmc] All the IAM CQs


  Working closer to the Maven team not necessary mean to work on the Maven code (which would actually helped to provide a better integration). It mean to understand the Maven code, what kind of changes are planned and what is happening at the moment, as well as be aware of their timeframes. In other words, your incremental progress should be aligned with the incremental progress of the Maven team. Sometimes waiting is the right thing to do and you can use the time to do some other stuff, unless of course you want to help with the changes in the Maven code. :-)

  Anyways, I am not working on the Maven core, hence you can't really use me as a source of information you requested. The only place where you can get such information is the people who are working on these changes, e.g. their project dev list would be a good starting point.


On Tue, Feb 24, 2009 at 12:01 PM, Abel Muiño <amuino@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Eugene, maybe you can provide a roadmap and a tentative layout of how the maven embedder and its dependecies is expected to look? Information would be very valuable to know what is a mistake and what isn't.

Something that is not acceptable for us is to remain seated. Making incremental progress on the IAM side to match incremental pogress on the Maven side sounds like the right thing to me.

Since we are want to continue development on the open, we need to follow Eclipse rules. The Eclipse Foundation asks us to do frequent releases, and to release only code that has been successfully IP reviewed.

Finally, it would be interesting to work closer with maven developers, but our focus is on maven integration. If we have spare cycles to work on maven, rest asured that we will, as we have done in the past, but presently getting IAM rolling is our priority. At the very least, IAM can be used as a proof of concept for the changes in Maven 3.0, from early on.

I would like to reduce the ammount of work that PMC and IP Team need to do, but with the current process I don't think we can (good news is that, although there are a lot of jars, most of them are really small, so code triage should not be all that bad).

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