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Re: [technology-pmc] Requesting approval for code contributions?

I've set the approved flag for each of these in Bugzilla.


Abel Muiño Vizcaino wrote:
This is the initial list of patches that we would like PMC approval for. Unfortunately, they've been committed before realizing the note on the IP poster:

I'll ask PMC approval for other attachments as we process them.

El 27/11/2008, a las 16:21, Wayne Beaton escribió:

Abel Muiño Vizcaino wrote:
There is currently a flag on bugzilla (in the attachmen details) for "review". I'm not sure if that's useful for this case. Otherwise, maybe we can manually CC this list on bugzilla when requesting a review and the PMC can remove it after approving.
Manually adding technology-pmc on the CC is what I have in mind (don't do it now, it won't work yet). Again, the idea is that someone like yourself can use this mechanism to ask a question of the PMC without having to listen to everything else we're chatting about (I understand that email volume is a sensitive issue).
On the other hand, I've kept looking at IP information and found that:
"For simple bug fixes and minor enhancements contributed under the Eclipse Foundation Terms of Use, PMC and EMO approval is not required."

... which is the opposite of what's written on the top of the IP Poster.
I have filed a Bug 256789 [1] (and copied you on it) asking for clarification.

The list of bugs with patches is currently 15 ( so once we have cleared if they need PMC approval or not, and how to request it, we will start processing them.

Let's see what happens with the bug. In the meantime, give us the bug numbers and I'll start going through them. In the worst case, you'll have explicit PMC approval when you don't need it.
You're welcome.
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