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Re: [technology-pmc] Requesting approval for code contributions?

There is currently a flag on bugzilla (in the attachmen details) for "review". I'm not sure if that's useful for this case. Otherwise, maybe we can manually CC this list on bugzilla when requesting a review and the PMC can remove it after approving.

On the other hand, I've kept looking at IP information and found that:
"For simple bug fixes and minor enhancements contributed under the Eclipse Foundation Terms of Use, PMC and EMO approval is not required."

... which is the opposite of what's written on the top of the IP Poster.

The list of bugs with patches is currently 15 ( ) so once we have cleared if they need PMC approval or not, and how to request it, we will start processing them.

Abel Muiño (IAM project lead)

El 26/11/2008, a las 20:04, Wayne Beaton escribió:

"Code" means everything you check into CVS/SVN or make available as part of a download. So images, XML, etc. are subject to IP review.

The easiest way to get PMC approval is to ask on this mailing list.

It occurs to me that this mailing list is relatively difficult to use for these purposes. As a general rule, I don't imagine that there are many non-PMC folks who really want/need to listen to this list. So... in order to communicate with the PMC, you need to subscribe to this list for the duration of your communcation. All the while, you have to listen to our mindless banter on other topics.

I'm thinking that we might consider adding the Bugzilla mail daemon to the PMC mailing list and inviting people to cc the technology-pmc on bugs that they want our input on. We could then do the short-term communication through the bug (copied on to the list, naturally) and then remove ourselves from cc when our input is no longer required.

The architecture council does this currently.



Abel Muiño Vizcaino wrote:
Hello PMC:

I've just realized this sentence on the IP poster: "All Code Must be approved by your PMC".

How should we handle that? We have several bugs with attached code from non-committers, some of them are small (<250 lines) and do not require IP review.

Also, I'm not sure if by "code" it also refers to "non source code" (xml, images, build scripts...)


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