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RE: [technology-pmc] RE: Higgins Incubator Status

Newsgroup activity seems minimal over the past six months. There are several
unanswered questions over the past few months; somebody from the team should
be regularly monitoring the newsgroup to answer questions. I'd like to see
more activity on the newsgroup, but this isn't a deal breaker for me.

There seems to be a healthy amount of discussion on the dev mailing list.

The project downloads are not using the mirrors, so I can't get any download
stats. This needs to be fixed one way or another.

Lots of commits to CVS in 2006. Evidence of evolution of APIs. I can't speak
to code quality issues as I haven't looked at any actual code.

I've run into folks presenting on Higgins at a bunch of conferences.
Clearly, they are putting themselves out there. Clearly there is interest in
this project.

I think that it's time to consider graduation.

Wayne Beaton
The Eclipse Foundation

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> Sent: November 21, 2006 7:53 AM
> To: 'Bjorn Freeman-Benson'
> Cc: paul@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx; 'Technology PMC'
> Subject: [technology-pmc] RE: Higgins Incubator Status
> Bjorn,
> Since first becoming an Eclipse project, the Higgins team has created:
> *	A working and demonstrable code base - Yes including 
> demonstrations at a conference at Harvard in June. 
> *	Active communities: 
> 	*	An active framework user (plug-in provider) 
> community. Yes, Novell and Parity have written plug-ins for Higgins  
> 	*	An active tool user community  - Yes, IBM and 
> Novell have announced their use of Higgins. 
> 	*	An active multi-organization 
> committer/contributor/developer community. Yes, Higgins has spend 
> considerable energy and has considerable success in
> attracting the involvement of multiple organizations.   
> *	The project is operating fully in the open using open 
> source rules of engagement, e.g.,
> 	*	Open and transparent Bugzilla with a described 
> and documented bug process. Yes, we are using Bugzilla 
> 	*	Open and transparent project schedules. Yes, 
> project schedules are on the project website/wiki 
> 	*	The project has working policies and procedures 
> for developing, specifying, testing, and getting feedback on APIs.  
> Yes - we have been engaged for quite some time in collaboratively and 
> openly developing the Higgins IdAS API, which has been validated by 
> recently developed plug-ins
> 	*	The project decision making processes are 
> published, and all project decisions are being made in public. Yes, 
> via higgins-dev, wiki and web
> *	The project team members have learned the ropes and 
> logistics of being an Eclipse project. In Apache parlance 
> <
> > , the project "gets the Eclipse way". 
> 	*	Conforming to the entire Eclipse Development 
> Process.  We have made significant progress and are actively working 
> on continuous improvement to our processes and are now doing nightly 
> builds.
> 	*	Adherence to the Eclipse IP Policy 
> <
y2003_12_03%20Final.pdf>  including self-assessment by each > Committer on
the committer responsibilities and due diligence 
> <> . 
> Yes, we are actively engaged in maintaining IP policy, have added wiki 
> pages for tracking our component dependencies, and are using IPzilla.
> 	*	Participating in the larger Eclipse community. 
> For example, teaching tutorials at EclipseCon, writing articles, 
> commenting on other projects at Reviews and other times, etc.  Yes - 
> Higgins contributors have presented at EclipseCon, generated 
> significant press for Eclipse, published a white paper on Eclipse at 
> Harvard, attended in on other project review calls, etc.
> 	*	Working with other projects in its destination 
> PMC.  We have been working with ECF and ALF 
> 	*	The project is a credit to Eclipse and is 
> functioning well within the Eclipse community. We hope you agree, 
> aside from certain growing and learning pains.
> We are aware that our job is not yet done.  We are actively
> *	Recruiting additional companies, committers and resources..... 
> *	Working on our next milestones on the way to our release 1.0 
> *	Working on improving our messaging to make it easier 
> for people to learn about, develop and use Higgins - For example we 
> are midway though a significant improvement pass on the website that 
> includes making additional use of the Eclipse wiki, adding a new web 
> page listing committers and project leadership, which is currently in 
> test; and adding additional project status information.
> Let us know if we need to provide you additional supporting 
> information.
> -Mary
> 	-----Original Message-----
> 	From: Bjorn Freeman-Benson 
> [mailto:bjorn.freeman-benson@xxxxxxxxxxx] 
> 	Sent: Monday, November 20, 2006 9:08 PM
> 	To: Mary Ruddy
> 	Cc: paul@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx; Technology PMC
> 	Subject: Re: Higgins Incubator Status
> 	Mary, Paul,
> 	The first step is to convince the Technology PMC that 
> graduation is a good idea. Could you summarize, in an email, 
> for us? We meet on the phone once a week Tuesdays at 10am PT, 
> so it's a little short notice for tomorrow but if you can get 
> an email out to us, we can consider it.
> 	- Bjorn
> 	Mary Ruddy wrote: 
> 		Bjorn,
> 		When Paul and I met with you and Mike in 
> Ottawa, we discussed beginning the process of moving Higgins 
> out of incubator status.  The Higgins team held another 
> successful two day face-to-face meeting last week and would 
> like to request a CheckPoint review.  Are there any projects 
> that did a particularly good job on their CheckPoint review 
> presentations that we should use as a model?
> 		Mary

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