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[technology-pmc] RE: Higgins Incubator Status

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Resent from the correct email address.


-----Original Message-----
From: Mary Ruddy [mailto:mary@xxxxxxxxxxxxx]
Sent: Tuesday, November 21, 2006 7:53 AM
To: 'Bjorn Freeman-Benson'
Cc: 'paul@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx'; 'Technology PMC'
Subject: RE: Higgins Incubator Status




Since first becoming an Eclipse project, the Higgins team has created:


·         A working and demonstrable code base - Yes including demonstrations at a conference at Harvard in June.

·         Active communities:

o        An active framework user (plug-in provider) community. Yes, Novell and Parity have written plug-ins for Higgins 

o        An active tool user community  - Yes, IBM and Novell have announced their use of Higgins.

o        An active multi-organization committer/contributor/developer community. Yes, Higgins has spend considerable energy and has considerable success in attracting the involvement of multiple organizations.  

·         The project is operating fully in the open using open source rules of engagement, e.g.,

o        Open and transparent Bugzilla with a described and documented bug process. Yes, we are using Bugzilla

o        Open and transparent project schedules. Yes, project schedules are on the project website/wiki

o        The project has working policies and procedures for developing, specifying, testing, and getting feedback on APIs.  Yes - we have been engaged for quite some time in collaboratively and openly developing the Higgins IdAS API, which has been validated by recently developed plug-ins

o        The project decision making processes are published, and all project decisions are being made in public. Yes, via higgins-dev, wiki and web

·         The project team members have learned the ropes and logistics of being an Eclipse project. In Apache parlance, the project "gets the Eclipse way".

o        Conforming to the entire Eclipse Development Process.  We have made significant progress and are actively working on continuous improvement to our processes and are now doing nightly builds.

o        Adherence to the Eclipse IP Policy including self-assessment by each Committer on the committer responsibilities and due diligence. Yes, we are actively engaged in maintaining IP policy, have added wiki pages for tracking our component dependencies, and are using IPzilla.

o        Participating in the larger Eclipse community. For example, teaching tutorials at EclipseCon, writing articles, commenting on other projects at Reviews and other times, etc.  Yes - Higgins contributors have presented at EclipseCon, generated significant press for Eclipse, published a white paper on Eclipse at Harvard, attended in on other project review calls, etc.

o        Working with other projects in its destination PMC.  We have been working with ECF and ALF

o        The project is a credit to Eclipse and is functioning well within the Eclipse community. We hope you agree, aside from certain growing and learning pains.  

We are aware that our job is not yet done.  We are actively 

·         Recruiting additional companies, committers and resources.....

·         Working on our next milestones on the way to our release 1.0

·         Working on improving our messaging to make it easier for people to learn about, develop and use Higgins - For example we are midway though a significant improvement pass on the website that includes making additional use of the Eclipse wiki, adding a new web page listing committers and project leadership, which is currently in test; and adding additional project status information.


Let us know if we need to provide you additional supporting information.




-----Original Message-----
From: Bjorn Freeman-Benson [mailto:bjorn.freeman-benson@xxxxxxxxxxx]
Sent: Monday, November 20, 2006 9:08 PM
To: Mary Ruddy
Cc: paul@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx; Technology PMC
Subject: Re: Higgins Incubator Status

Mary, Paul,
The first step is to convince the Technology PMC that graduation is a good idea. Could you summarize, in an email, for us? We meet on the phone once a week Tuesdays at 10am PT, so it's a little short notice for tomorrow but if you can get an email out to us, we can consider it.

- Bjorn

Mary Ruddy wrote:



When Paul and I met with you and Mike in Ottawa, we discussed beginning the process of moving Higgins out of incubator status.  The Higgins team held another successful two day face-to-face meeting last week and would like to request a CheckPoint review.  Are there any projects that did a particularly good job on their CheckPoint review presentations that we should use as a model?



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