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[technology-pmc] Ecesis update

I spoke with Dwight today.

He's trying to plan an Ecesis BoF during EclipseWorld, assuming that folks
interested in Ecesis would be attending that conference. BoFs are to be held
on Thursday night. He's going to check with the conference organizers to see
if this can be scheduled, and then will post a message to the mailing list
to see who can attend. I'll follow his mailing list posting with a blog

I'm not nearly as positive about attendance as Dwight is (and told him as
much). I don't figure that there'll be too many folks interested in Ecesis
attending the conference. I hope that I'm wrong.

If the BoF doesn't work out, we discussed a possible day-long (or so)
symposium in Ottawa.

Wayne Beaton
The Eclipse Foundation

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