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RE: [technology-pmc] Discussion notes for today's meeting

I just reviewed the original paperwork for the BPEL Designer project.
Apparently Kevin McGuire and Michal Chmielewski are indicated as project
leads, so we're updating the database to reflect this.

Wayne Beaton
The Eclipse Foundation

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> I'm meeting with Dwight today at 3pm to discuss a possible 
> Ecesis Summit.
> He's definitely interested. At ECOOP last week, I spoke with 
> some folks (and then neglected to get business cards) who 
> have contributed some course materials directly to Dwight. I 
> advised them to instead contribute them through Bugzilla 
> where more people would have a chance to comment on them.
> They haven't appeared yet. I'll ask Dwight about this today.
> I haven't heard anything new from the BPEL team yet. Now that 
> I'll be in town for a little while, I'll try to hook up with 
> them for lunch or something. We still need to make James 
> Moody a project lead. I believe that Kevin McGuire is still 
> involved, so he'll have to become co-lead. I believe that 
> it's acceptable to wave the election requirement and just 
> make the appointment. Or am I incorrect?
> Wayne
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