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[technology-pmc] Discussion notes for today's meeting

I'm meeting with Dwight today at 3pm to discuss a possible Ecesis Summit.
He's definitely interested. At ECOOP last week, I spoke with some folks (and
then neglected to get business cards) who have contributed some course
materials directly to Dwight. I advised them to instead contribute them
through Bugzilla where more people would have a chance to comment on them.
They haven't appeared yet. I'll ask Dwight about this today.

I haven't heard anything new from the BPEL team yet. Now that I'll be in
town for a little while, I'll try to hook up with them for lunch or
something. We still need to make James Moody a project lead. I believe that
Kevin McGuire is still involved, so he'll have to become co-lead. I believe
that it's acceptable to wave the election requirement and just make the
appointment. Or am I incorrect?

Wayne Beaton
The Eclipse Foundation

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