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Re: [technology-pmc] Re: [Fwd: PTP Release 1.0 is available for download!]

On 5/11/06, Bjorn Freeman-Benson <bjorn.freeman-benson@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Thanks for being so flexible and sorry for the "no interaction" part.

Please work with Anne Jacko (emo@xxxxxxxxxxx) to schedule the review.
The instructions are here:
and previous release review slides are:

Greg Watson wrote:
> Bjorn,
> I wasn't aware of this requirement in the lead up to the 'release',
> mainly because we had no interaction with the Technology PMC prior to
> EclipseCon. However, Cliff and I discussed this at EclipseCon and we
> agreed that there should be a release review before anything became
> 'official'. I was waiting for Cliff to provide me with information on
> what needed to occur to make this happen, but must admit that I had
> let it slide too.

Yes -- I do remember saying at EclipseCon that I would follow up with
information on getting a release review done; sorry to have let that


> In any case, I would like to initiate such a review since the
> committers on the project feel that there is enough in this version to
> be useful to people, and building a user base is now a high priority
> (see latest meeting notes).
> Let me know what needs to be done and I will get it underway.
> Greg

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