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Re: [swtchart-dev] PieChart


thanks for your request. Himanshu is currently working on the PieChart, as he just wrote.
I'm responsible for the simultaneous release issues. It's in progress and we try our best to be part of the 2020-09 SimRel.


Am 17.07.20 um 22:52 schrieb Patrick Tasse:

In the Trace Compass project we had been using the PieChart implementation from Linux Tools. This is being removed in 2020-09.

We would like to use SWTChart's PieChart instead, but we have a few questions:

- Is version 0.13 going to be released in time for 2020-09 simultaneous release?

- We use the following API methods from PieChart that are no longer available in the new implementation:

addPieChartSeries(String labels[], double val[][])
getSliceIndexFromPosition(int pieIndex, int x, int y)
getSlicePercent(int pieIndex, int sliceIndex)

I guess the first one is replaced by:
addSeriesData(ICircularSeriesData model)

Are the other APIs planned to be implemented or is there any replacement?

P.S.: Do you have any example code to create the data model for a simple pie chart?

Thank you,

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