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Re: [swtchart-dev] PieChart


Currently the PieCharts are under development, and as of now, one can create only one of a simple or multi-level PieChart in a single Plot Area. Additionally, one can use doughnut charts too for the same data, and switch between the two by changing SeriesType.PIE to SeriesType.DOUGHNUT.

The migration of PieCharts from LinuxTools to SWTChart was proposed by me in my GSoC proposal, and I shall complete the work ASAP, in any situation it shall be completed well before August mid, and further debugging till August end. I shall keep the API for the Chart drawing the same as they are in Linux Tools. Details on the release of version 0.13 are known to Philip Sir.

I shall keep this mailing list updated on any progress on the implementation of the PieCharts from LinuxTools. Expect an update soon.

There is enough example code in the develop branch of swtchart project, have a look at for running it as an eclipse part,
org.eclipse.swtchart.examples.SingleLevelPieChartExample for running a simple Pie Chart as a java application
org.eclipse.swtchart.examples.MultiLevelPieExample for running a multi-level PieChart as a java application.

Additionally there are Doughnut Charts as well, have a look at 
org.eclipse.swtchart.examples.SingleLevelDoughnutChartExample for a Doughnut Chart as java application,
org.eclipse.swtchart.examples.MultiLevelDoughnutChart for multi-level doughnut chart as a java application.

Just FYI, let me bring you upto what all has been done yet, and what all we plan to do....

The PieCharts have a smooth transition of color, having a calm effect... User can also change the color of the nodes

Recently, we added a listener, which displayed details of the node we hovered on
Upcoming in the next few days is adding a listener that listens to clicks and dynamically renders the chart, redrawn from the node it was clicked on.
Eg. If Asia were clicked in the above chart, the redrawn chart would be
Finally, we shall add all the functionalities that Linux Tools Provides, and shall try to maintain the API, to the extent we can. 

Do let us know if you would want anything additional to be implemented other than API from Linux Tools. 

Thanks and regards,

On Sat, Jul 18, 2020 at 2:23 AM Patrick Tasse <patrick.tasse@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

In the Trace Compass project we had been using the PieChart implementation from Linux Tools. This is being removed in 2020-09.

We would like to use SWTChart's PieChart instead, but we have a few questions:

- Is version 0.13 going to be released in time for 2020-09 simultaneous release?

- We use the following API methods from PieChart that are no longer available in the new implementation:

addPieChartSeries(String labels[], double val[][])
getSliceIndexFromPosition(int pieIndex, int x, int y)
getSlicePercent(int pieIndex, int sliceIndex)

I guess the first one is replaced by:
addSeriesData(ICircularSeriesData model)

Are the other APIs planned to be implemented or is there any replacement?

P.S.: Do you have any example code to create the data model for a simple pie chart?

Thank you,

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