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[swtchart-dev] PieChart


In the Trace Compass project we had been using the PieChart implementation from Linux Tools. This is being removed in 2020-09.

We would like to use SWTChart's PieChart instead, but we have a few questions:

- Is version 0.13 going to be released in time for 2020-09 simultaneous release?

- We use the following API methods from PieChart that are no longer available in the new implementation:

addPieChartSeries(String labels[], double val[][])
getSliceIndexFromPosition(int pieIndex, int x, int y)
getSlicePercent(int pieIndex, int sliceIndex)

I guess the first one is replaced by:
addSeriesData(ICircularSeriesData model)

Are the other APIs planned to be implemented or is there any replacement?

P.S.: Do you have any example code to create the data model for a simple pie chart?

Thank you,

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