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Re: [swtchart-dev] swtchart release for 2020-06

Hi Bernd,

that sounds great. SWTChart has been migrated and extended in many ways over the last years. Currently, I'm mentoring 2 GSoC students. Have a look at their proposals here:

SWTChart is structured in the following way:

org.eclipse.swtchart (Basic Chart Library)
org.eclipse.swtchart.extensions (Extensions: Scrollbars, ChartSettings, Extended Legend*, ...)
org.eclipse.swtchart.export (Export Options)

* Run the Java Application example: org.eclipse.swtchart.extensions.examples.charts.DemoChart

Probably, we will split the export bundle into .export.basic and .export.extended soon, as it requires currently AWT, Apache Batik and so on for the SVG export capabilities. The basic bundle shall offer simple export options with no further dependencies.

* To join the simultaneous release train would be great and that is the long-term plan. Unfortunately, I have thousands of issues on my desk, Hence, I'm not sure if I have the time to sort out all issues regarding the Simrel in time, see:

* We are using the "develop" branch for the next release. The version will be 0.13. I18N support has been also added, but need to be maintained.

* The CI "" pushes successful builds here: Probably, we keep the builds on the CI server in the future as the download server shall be not flooded with too many files. We will keep the community updated.

* We try to keep the changes at a minimum. A few things need to be improved though, but SWTChart is relatively stable. Frankly, I don't have experience with API Baslines and all the stuff. Hence, help is appreciated.

I hope this helps.


Am 14.05.20 um 17:47 schrieb Bernd Hufmann:



The Trace Compass project has been using org.swtchart for long time and SWTChart provided us with great capabilities for drawing xy-charts in Trace Compasa. I recently looked into migration to org.eclipse.swtchart for Eclipse 2020-06 to be able to get latest fixes and improvements (thanks a lot for that). We also have a dependency to the Linux Tools project (pie charts), that recently moved to org.eclipse.swtchart. So it makes sense to migrate Trace Compass as well.


I was able to make the Trace Compass code compile and run with the org.eclipse.swtchart release 0.12.0 after adjusting to the API changes from the original org.swtchart code.


I have a few questions about the future plans for org.eclipse.swtchart:


- Is org.eclipse.swtchart part of the simultaneous release train? If yes, I can’t find a corresponding .aggrcon file in git://

- What version will be released for 2020-06?

- Where can I find milestone builds to be able to test early Trace Compass features using with the latest SWTChart.

- The org.eclipse.swtchart project is still in incubation and I’m wondering what is the API policy between releases?


In advance thank you very much for your reply.


Best Regards





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