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[swtchart-dev] swtchart release for 2020-06



The Trace Compass project has been using org.swtchart for long time and SWTChart provided us with great capabilities for drawing xy-charts in Trace Compasa. I recently looked into migration to org.eclipse.swtchart for Eclipse 2020-06 to be able to get latest fixes and improvements (thanks a lot for that). We also have a dependency to the Linux Tools project (pie charts), that recently moved to org.eclipse.swtchart. So it makes sense to migrate Trace Compass as well.


I was able to make the Trace Compass code compile and run with the org.eclipse.swtchart release 0.12.0 after adjusting to the API changes from the original org.swtchart code.


I have a few questions about the future plans for org.eclipse.swtchart:


- Is org.eclipse.swtchart part of the simultaneous release train? If yes, I can’t find a corresponding .aggrcon file in git://

- What version will be released for 2020-06?

- Where can I find milestone builds to be able to test early Trace Compass features using with the latest SWTChart.

- The org.eclipse.swtchart project is still in incubation and I’m wondering what is the API policy between releases?


In advance thank you very much for your reply.


Best Regards





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