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[swtchart-dev] Issue #72

Currently, to set ticks as Dates, data is fed by Series.setXDateSeries() method (which does not work as expected). The default ticks in the charts are set through AxisTickLabels.updateTickLabelForLinearScale(int, BigDecimal). 
To display ticks other than the default format, methods of AxisTickLabels, such as AxisTickLabels.updateTickLabelForCategoryAxis(int), AxisTickLabels.updateTickLabelForLogScale(int) are called. Shouldn't we remove the Series.setXDateSeries() method, and add a method like Axis.setDateAxis(LocalDate[]) so that it becomes more organised?

Also I took a look at this issue #72 . I shall make the required changes to incorporate LocalDate and LocalTime using the LocalDate.toEpochDay() and LocalDate.ofEpochDay() methods.

Thanks and regards
Himanshu Balasamanta

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