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Re: [sumo-user] Netconvert: From .net.xml to plain xml and back?

It is not so obvious which options you have to set to make a "round trip" between different supported format types. In your case, the following will help to get more similar results to the original network:

- do not use --type-files (edge type settings determine sidewalks)
- eventually set --ignore-errors.edge-type true (is now activated by default in the development version for reading plain XML without edge types)
- provide tl files with --tllogic-files

Still there are a few small differences in geometry and a small right-of-way issue (keepClear=0 is added to two connections), but I did not miss any connections.

Best regards

Betreff: [sumo-user] Netconvert: From .net.xml to plain xml and back?
Datum: 2023-07-14T13:01:19+0200
Von: "sumo--- via sumo-user" <sumo-user@xxxxxxxxxxx>
An: "Sumo project User discussions" <sumo-user@xxxxxxxxxxx>

Dear all,

I am experiencing unexpected side effects when trying to export an existing (OSM-imported) network into plain XML and re-create it from there: Some connections between lanes seem to be lost and all highway edges have additional pedestrian lanes despite explicitly setting "--sidewalks.guess false" ... I guess that netconvert still has some heuristics switched on when the plain XML is read, but |´have no idea what to switch off.

Converting to plain XML i do (Win32 batch)

netconvert ^
  -s ^
  --plain-output-prefix letnany_flat ^
  --error-log letnany_flat.err.log ^
  --log letnany_flat.log ^
  --aggregate-warnings 10000

and for the reconstruction

netconvert ^
  --node-files=letnany_flat.nod.xml ^
  --edge-files=letnany_flat.edg.xml ^
  --connection-files=letnany_flat.con.xml ^
  --type-files=letnany_flat.typ.xml ^ ^
  --error-log letnany_flatc.err.log ^
  --log letnany_flatc.log ^
  --aggregate-warnings 10000 ^
  --offset.disable-normalization true ^
  --no-internal-links false ^
  --no-turnarounds true ^
  --sidewalks.guess false ^
  --bikelanes.guess false
Any idea what I am doing wrong? Or is it a bug/feature of netconvert that I am unaware of?

Tried with SUMO 1.14.1 with some internal updates, and then also with 1.18.0, the result is the same. An example small .net.xml attached.



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