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Re: [sumo-user] Opposite side overtaking collisions

Note: I could not produce any collision using the files you provided with the SUMO development version.


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Betreff: [sumo-user] Opposite side overtaking collisions

Datum: 2023-07-14T17:40:43+0200

Von: "Don Nalin Dharshana Jayaratne via sumo-user" <sumo-user@xxxxxxxxxxx>

An: "sumo-user@xxxxxxxxxxx" <sumo-user@xxxxxxxxxxx>




I have modelled a 5x5 grid with 200m edge lengths and priority intersections. All edges are two-way two-lane roads (one lane in each direction of travel). All lanes are modelled as lefthand with a speed limit 13.89m/s. netconvert command used to guild net.xml file:
netconvert --node-files=fivebyfive.nod.xml --edge-files=fivebyfive.edg.xml --lefthand --no-turnarounds --opposites.guess true 
The vehicle types are all modelled using default settings.
The problem is there are frontal collisions between vehicles when overtaking close to intersections. I have played around a bit with the 'lcLookaheadLeft' (I presume these work as usual in lefthand traffic?) parameter, but this problem persists.

Can you please let me know how to rectify this? - I'm using SUMO-1.8.0
I have attached the .net.xml file and .rou.xml file herewith.
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