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Re: [sumo-user] Warnings of Emergency Braking in Sub Lane Model:

Changing the lateral resolution impacts the spacial accuracy for vehicle interactions (in a tradeoff for computational time). However, it also is a source of "noise" or random changes to the simulation state.
At my best guess is, that most of the changes you observe w.r.t to emergency braking from chaging resolution would also occur when changing the random seed (you can easily test this hypothesis with (

There was also a problem with regard to lateral acceleration in dangerous situations that has been fixed ( This bug was responsible for 80% of the emergency braking and collision issues. The remaining 20% are still under investigation.

Thanks to Mayank for providing the example scenario.

Am Mi., 5. Juli 2023 um 05:29 Uhr schrieb Manish Chaturvedi <msc.nit@xxxxxxxxx>:
Dear Jacob, we had also observed similar warnings for specific values of lateral resolution. 

In the above example, the lateral resolution of  0.64 does not create warnings/teleporting of vehicles (with default lane width).

Similarly, when the lane width is 3.6 meters, the lateral resolution of 0.30 creates warnings and teleporting of vehicles, but the lateral resolution of 0.31 does not. 

We do not understand the reason for this.

We just used trial and error method to select the lateral resolution value that does not create warning / teleporting, . 

Can you share some insight about this behaviour of simulation?



On Thu, Jun 29, 2023 at 6:03 PM Mayank Singh <mayanksingh.daiict@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Respected Sir,
In our SUMO simulation, we simulate Heterogeneous traffic using a sub lane model with a lateral resolution of 1.07
The warnings are as below:
Warning: Teleporting vehicle 'mixed.1215'; collision with vehicle 'mixed.1216', lane='beg_1', gap=-4.60', latGap=-0.00, time=736.00 stage=laneChange.
Warning: Vehicle 'mixed.1215' ends teleporting on edge 'end', time=739.00.
Warning: Vehicle 'mixed.1412' performs emergency braking on lane 'beg_2' with decel=9.00, wished=4.34, severity=1.00, time=853.50.
Warning: Vehicle 'mixed.1755' performs emergency braking on lane 'beg_1' with decel=10.00, wished=4.66, severity=1.00, time=1057.00.

I have enclosed my simulation files for your reference.

Please guide me in resolving this issue and advise me accordingly.

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