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[sumo-user] pedestrian vtype in od2trips
  • From: "Liu, Hao" <hliu@xxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 11 Jul 2023 23:19:25 +0000
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  • Thread-topic: pedestrian vtype in od2trips

Hi SUMO users,


I am trying to use the command of od2trips to create routes for pedestrians from a taz and a tazrelation file. The route file can be obtained by the command below successfully.


os.system("od2trips --taz-files=mp.taz.xml --tazrelation-files=mp.tazrelation.xml --pedestrians=True --output-file=mped_TAZ.rou.xml")


However, I wanted to increase the maximum speed of the pedestrians by defining a new vType. I tried different ways to do this, but they did not work:


  1. I set the period id in the Tazrelation file (the od file) to be the id of the new defined vtype. However, whenever I included the option –pedestrians=True in the od2trips demand, this new defined type will be ignored in the output route file. When I remove –pedestrians=True from the command, the vtype will be included in the route file; however, all trips were treated as “vehicle” trips instead of pedestrians, which means no pedestrians will be inserted in the simulation;
  2. I added –vtype=… in the od2trips demand line (with the option –pedestrians=True); however, the route file does not show the type for pedestrians.


For both methods, I created an additional file which defines the vtype and is included in the sumoconfig file. I very much appreciate your help.





Hao Liu


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