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Re: [sumo-user] Vehicle Class for 3-Wheeler Passenger Vehicle:

Vehicle classes in sumo serve the main purposes of defining access restrictions. You need to decide whether rickshaws may use the same lanes as some other class (i.e. bicycle) or may use a custom class (i.e. custom1). In the latter case you have to manually adapt the access restrictions in the network according to your best judgement of where rickshaws may drive.

There is a secondary purpose of vClass which sets default vehicle type parameters. (
Since none of the existing defaults accommodate a rickshaw you have to override the respective type parameters according to your own judgement. If you have or obtain expertise on typical rickshaw parameters we're happy to include it in the documentation (since nobody on our team is a rickshaw expert).


Am Do., 6. Juli 2023 um 17:45 Uhr schrieb Mayank Singh <mayanksingh.daiict@xxxxxxxxx>:
Respected Sir,

In my current project on Heterogeneous traffic, I am utilizing a specific type of vehicle known as a "Rickshaw," which is a 3-wheeler passenger vehicle. I would like to know the appropriate vehicle class for defining this type of vehicle and also want to understand the key characteristics associated with it.

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