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[sumo-user] Using TraCI setStopParameters()


I was trying to add a new stop with certain parameters using traci.vehicle.setStopParameters(). However, I am unable to get the stop to behave as intended.
 traci.vehicle.setStopParameter(vehID=f"coach_{batchNo}_{i}", nextStopIndex=1,param="triggered",value="true")
 traci.vehicle.setStopParameter(vehID=f"coach_{batchNo}_{i}", nextStopIndex=1,param="extension", value="240")
 traci.vehicle.setStopParameter(vehID=f"coach_{batchNo}_{i}", nextStopIndex=1,param="expected",value="bp_coach_1_0")
However, for the "until" parameter, I was able to get it to work as intended
traci.vehicle.setStopParameter(vehID=f"coach_{batchNo}_{i}", nextStopIndex=1,param="until", value="1000")

I am not too sure why it is working for certain parameters but not others.
Thanks in advance for the help.

Best Regards,
Nick Tan

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