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Re: [sumo-user] Airport simulation

Some thoughts on my end:
- netconvert already supports importing aeroways from OSM: ;-)
- we recently build some capabilities for having reversible traffic on normal roads (not just rail)
- actually many aspects of airplane ground movements are similar to rail operations
  - reversible movement
  - signals that block entry into some part of the network until it is free of other vehicles
  - portion working: coupling and uncoupling of vehicles (pushback + plane) :
- I also see the biggest challenge in free-form movement across the apron. Normal operations might be modeled as a dense network of intersecting roads but that would still leave open degrees of freedom used in non-standard situations. On the other hand, if the origins and destinations on the apron aren't to complicated one could also try to make it work with a few very wide roads and the sublane model (and of course we still might tack on a completely new movement model).


Am Mi., 23. Nov. 2022 um 18:19 Uhr schrieb <sumo@xxxxx>:
On Wed, 23 Nov 2022, at 5:56 PM, The div wrote:
> That sounds interesting enough to play with for fun :)

Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Seems that we will have a lot of material for several upcoming SUMO conferences ;-). The current agent-based version actually does not handle takeoffs and landings, planes appear and disappear at the ends of taxiways. IIRC we already have bi-directional lanes so reversing the runway direction should not be an big issue (well ...). If we are lucky, the plane reversing from its gate using a tow truck issue could be actually somehow solved by using the railway extension, but it definitely needs someone with deeper insight (i.e. Jakob E., Michael B.?) to actually say if it is not a "Schnapsidee" (a nonsense idea).

The main problem (as always) will be to find a capable student or students who will implement all those bells and whistles ... but as a student project, we might get lucky. It will be a challenge nevertheless.


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