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Re: [sumo-user] Airport simulation

That sounds interesting enough to play with for fun :)

- throwing some thoughts for the experts to laugh at:
Aircraft etc modelled as buses? - can vary length, capacity - even visual shape - arrival speed at 170kt and serious deceleration might be fun for the model and could identify some internal oops but may not actually be necessary & vehicles disappearing at end of route are a plus in this model.

ie Aircraft movement easily modelled to runway thresholds - not sure how you'd model stop until take off - I might guess traffic lights controlled by traci - but lights need to let just one vehicle through at a time

Change of runway direction is a complication - model as two lanes but always have one closed? - however routes then have to be switched to alternate threshold when runway direction switches - ditto 'arriving' aircraft  :(

'reversing' from gate - not sure how to do that - I did some modelling of moving in/reversing out of parking space but not 'turning round' you'd want the parking space to be a bus stop as well ...

Movement across apron - not sure how to model that - aircraft will follow a specific line but vehicles have more flexibility in practice - though ground handling rules are supposed to limit how they route

Movement of passengers - fine in terminal to gate - traffic lights again - boarding at gate straightforward - but need to simulate boarding speed and wait for departure approval? traci again?

tow vehicle feels the odd/unusual one - you are basically forming a train with no coaches - just tractor units - so each can move independently after towing

you might even be able to simulate guided routes in the gui with appropriate coloring of visually very narrow lane :)

towing aside all feels eminently doable and great fun!

good luck

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On Wednesday, November 23rd, 2022 at 16:11, <sumo@xxxxx> wrote:

> Dear all,
> today I got an interesting question from my colleagues: Could SUMO (possibly with some internal changes) simulate the ground traffic on an airport? By ground traffic I mean (a) movement of planes of all kinds over taxiways, (b) all possible types of ground vehicles (passenger buses, luggage transport, service vehicles, tow vehicles, fuel trucks), (c) simulation of passenger boarding or cargo loading/unloading
> Their ultimate goal is to have a testbed for ground traffic management on an airport. Currently they have a model in an commercial agent-based simulator, where planes are modelled as plane-shaped trains (as trains move forward and backward), but the simulator costs are substantial and they are looking for preferrably open-source solution before they start to implement more complicated scenarios.
> Any thoughts?
> Jan
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