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Re: [sumo-user] Modify pedestrian dynamic model

Some comments:
- the paper ""Modelling pedestrian dynamics in SUMO" doesn't describe the whole set of vehicle/pedestrian interactions that are currently implemented
- the SUMO team is currently engaged with the integration of "social force" style pedestrian models by way of JuPedSim (,

Can you describe the interactions that you need to simulation in more detail?

Am So., 20. Nov. 2022 um 14:41 Uhr schrieb Thanhnt Nguyen <>:
Dear all
As reading the papers: "Modelling pedestrian dynamics in SUMO" and "Pedestrian Simulation In SUMO Through Externally Modelled Agents" I notice that the current pedestrian model in SUMO is very simple.
In my work, I need a pedestrian model which reflects a healthcare environment. In this model, I intend to implement interaction between vehicles (Automated Guided Vehicle) as well as individuals with disabilities
I still don't know how to implement a new pedestrian model in SUMO, could I need to modify the code of Viens?
Does anyone have a hint for me by chance?
Thank you in advance

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