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Re: [sumo-user] Testing different Intra-platoon distances

The maxPlatoonGap only pertains to classification of whether a vehicle has successfully entered a platoon (it the next version this will default to a time-headway of 1.5s configured via maxPlatoonHeadway instead of a 15m gap).

The actual following distance depends on the vType parameters of the 'follower' type. The parameterisation for the desired following distance depends on the carFollowModel but often the parameters 'tau' (desired time headway) and 'minGap' will be relevant.  Note, that the achieved ollowing distances generally depend on the driving speed.

Am Mo., 8. Aug. 2022 um 10:46 Uhr schrieb leckertest@xxxxxxxxxxx <leckertest@xxxxxxxxxxx>:

Dear all,


just a question, because I am not sure about the given information in the simpa documentation:


I would like to test my scenario with different Intra-platoon distances, so for example compare the emissions when vehicles driving in platoon with 8 meters distance and 12 meters distance between each other.

Is this function not available, or is it to be controlled via the maxPlatoonGap [Gap (in m.) below which vehicles are considered as a platoon (if their vType parameters allow safe traveling for the actual situation). Defaults to 15 m.]?

Or is the utility function openGap() desired for this?



Thank you for your help and best regards


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