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[sumo-user] Taxi pick-up and drop-off durations varying

Hi sumo users,

In my simulation scenario, I have set the taxi device pickup and drop-off durations to both be 60 seconds.

After looking at the stop output file, however, I found that many taxi drop-offs take less than 60 seconds. Taxi 13 as an example stops for only 16 seconds to drop off a passenger (shown below). 

Additionally, some taxi pickups are shown as taking more than 60 seconds, but are not shown to have any delay occurring. 

These issues are occurring with both types of idling algorithms (stop and randomCircling).

Is there a way to resolve these discrepancies? Thanks as always.

 <stopinfo id="taxi13" type="taxi" lane="B4B3_1" pos="55.00" parking="1" started="1364.00" ended="1380.00" delay="-1.00" initialPersons="1" loadedPersons="0" unloadedPersons="1" initialContainers="0" loadedContainers="0" unloadedContainers="0"/>

Griffin Hanekamp
Technical University of Munich | 2022
Georgia Institute of Technology | 2017
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