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Re: [sumo-user] Mismatch between chosen lane using TraCI and lane change state

> Thank you for your response. The exact method calls are the same as those provided in the actual code (in the zip file previously):

The previous zip did not contain your traci code but only XML files, so please send this again.

> The attached files ordered from ex0.png to ex5.png are some example screenshots of the issues.

- ex0 : working as intended: invalid targets are supposed to return false to 'could/want' calls
- ex1: looks ok: the vehicle could change lane but just doesn't want to (left/right are missing from the state) - couldAndWant requires both opportunity *and* intent
- ex2: needs further investigation (once I can run your code)
- ex3: looks to me like a mixup of directions: the vehicle wants to do a (sublane) change to the left and you're asking whether it could change to the right (no). Looks still a bit strange because the 'sublane' flag is missing from it's state so I'd still look at this
- ex4: like ex1 but the screenshot doesn't show the agents in question
- ex5: needs further investigation (once I can run your code)

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