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Re: [sumo-user] How to create random trips between taz

> 1. C:\sim1>od2trips -n taz_1_1.xml -d tazRelation.xml -o sim1.trips.xml

> Error: 'tazRelation.xml' uses an unknown matrix type '<

use option -z (or --tazrelation-files)

> 2. Tring to load tazRelation.xml from above into netedit does not throw an error, but does not provide anything to review.

You'll first need to load the network and the TAZ before inspecting the relations with 'data mode' -> 'TAZRelation mode'

> 3. Using netedit to create tazRelation, I could create intervals and select fromTaz and toTaz but I could not save the taz options.  I see that the ID is equal to dataset name, maybe I should set the dataset name to the vehicle type?

After clicking on origin and then destination taz you have to confirm the relation with <ENTER>

> 4.
> Tried loading the dataset into netedit after editing the dataset export from netedit and adding some tazRelations by hand:
> Error: expected end of tag 'data'
> In file 'C:\sim1\tazRelation_1_3.xml'
> At line/column 14/7.

Most likely you wrote <tazRelation ...> instead of <tazRelation .../>


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