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Re: [sumo-user] R: GTFS problem

how did you install SUMO. Maybe the script is not able to find netconvert. Did you see any netconvert related output something like
Warning: Found sharp turn with radius 8.17 at the end of edge '-207790933'?

Best regards,

Am 12.05.22 um 15:26 schrieb Saverio Picarelli:
Thanks for the reply. My network is an OSM-derived base network with “highway” edges types. Is there a list with accepted edges? Thank you.

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*Inviato: *giovedì 12 maggio 2022 13:29
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*Oggetto: *Re: [sumo-user] GTFS problem

The two warnings are unrelated:

- "No mapping library found"  can be ignored. There is an option that permits using a proprietary map matching engine but the 'tracemapper' default should work fine. - "No net resources\gtfs\" indicates that the filtered mapping networks (i.e. one for bus, one for tram) could not be created. The filtering currently assumes an OSM-derived base network with edge types such as "highway.primary" or "railway.tram"). If your network comes from a different source, this process will fail.

Am Do., 12. Mai 2022 um 12:14 Uhr schrieb Saverio Picarelli <saveriopicarelli@xxxxxxxxxx <mailto:saveriopicarelli@xxxxxxxxxx>>:

    Hello everybody, I have already sent this mail but the mail server
    says the attachment was too big (I had also attached my sumo
    network). If the previous email was delivered, I apologize for this
    second email.

    I have a problem with GTFS file import. I’m trying to import my GTFS
    file with the following command :

    python tools/import/gtfs/ -n --gtfs
    --date 20220509 --modes bus --vtype-output pt_vtypes.xml

    but the output is:

    Warning! No mapping library found, falling back to tracemapper

    Warning! No net resources\gtfs\

    and an empty .rou.xml file

    Someone has an idea to solve the problem? I’m attaching my GTFS file.

    Thank you very much.

    Saverio Picarelli

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