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Re: [sumo-user] Assign stops to buses and automatic simulation launching

1. You will have to add each stop of your repeating route individually.
You can use function vehicle.insertStop to add stops anywhere within the list of existing stops.

2. you can use traci.load to relaunch the simulation.  (make sure to use options -S -Q if you're starting sumo-gui).

Am Fr., 13. Mai 2022 um 10:28 Uhr schrieb Pearla Hajjar <pearlahajjar@xxxxxxxxxxx>:

Hope you qre doing good.

I have a question in my project. I am working on assigning different stops for buses in each simulation. In the main function I calculate the combination of stops the buses should stop at and I want to set then in the run funtion where the simulation happens. My questions are:

1. When i do traci.vehicle.setBusStop it only assigns this stop for the bus once in the simulation and I am using a circular root with repeat. How can I make the bus stop at these stops at every turn until my stopping condition is satisfied?

2. When generating the stopping paattern, I am have different combinations.  I want to go through each combination and launch the simulation automatically after the previous one finishes with the new stop pattern. Any idea how to do so?

Thank you in advance.



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