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Re: [sumo-user] R: edgesInDistricts tool problem

The provided taz shapes must use the same coordinate projection as the network file. The best way to ensure this is to set option --net-file to the target network file when calling polyconvert.
(In your case, the shape projection is to "raw UTM" values wheres the .net.xml file likely uses shifted UTM values).


Am Mo., 9. Mai 2022 um 12:39 Uhr schrieb Saverio Picarelli <saveriopicarelli@xxxxxxxxxx>:
I am attaching the input shapefile and the sumo-shapes-file generated by polyconvert. Thank you very much.

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Inviato: lunedì 9 maggio 2022 07:43
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Oggetto: Re: [sumo-user] edgesInDistricts tool problem
Can you provide the input shapefile and/or post the first 100 lines the sumo-shapes-file generated by polyconvert?

Am Sa., 7. Mai 2022 um 13:44 Uhr schrieb Saverio Picarelli <saveriopicarelli@xxxxxxxxxx>:


Hi, i have a problem with taz files in Sumo. I have a Sumo network and a shapefile with traffic zones. I want to use to create a taz file with all the edges which are inside the respective traffic area. I read on Sumo website the taz-shape-file must be in the format generated by polyconvert to use it in edgesinDistricts tool. If i use polyconvert with my shapefile using –shapefile-prefixes option, it generates a file that does’t work with (edgesInDistricts generates an empty file). I tried to use with a taz file generated by and it works, so i think the problem is in polyconvert. How i can use my shapefile to generate a taz file to use it in edgesInDistricts tool? I’m sorry for this request but i am a new Sumo user.

Thank you.

Saverio Picarelli – computer engineering student

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