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Re: [sumo-user] edgesInDistricts tool problem

Can you provide the input shapefile and/or post the first 100 lines the sumo-shapes-file generated by polyconvert?

Am Sa., 7. Mai 2022 um 13:44 Uhr schrieb Saverio Picarelli <saveriopicarelli@xxxxxxxxxx>:


Hi, i have a problem with taz files in Sumo. I have a Sumo network and a shapefile with traffic zones. I want to use to create a taz file with all the edges which are inside the respective traffic area. I read on Sumo website the taz-shape-file must be in the format generated by polyconvert to use it in edgesinDistricts tool. If i use polyconvert with my shapefile using –shapefile-prefixes option, it generates a file that does’t work with (edgesInDistricts generates an empty file). I tried to use with a taz file generated by and it works, so i think the problem is in polyconvert. How i can use my shapefile to generate a taz file to use it in edgesInDistricts tool? I’m sorry for this request but i am a new Sumo user.

Thank you.

Saverio Picarelli – computer engineering student

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