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Re: [sumo-user] Class for person in Omnet++

Dear all
I attempted to write a C++ class in Omnet++ (like RSU/Car class) but it failed.
To know the coordinates of all people in personFlow, in my opinion, a modification of SUMO source code might help. But it is not easy to find the statement which draws every person (of personFlow) in SUMO-GUI.

On Thu, Apr 21, 2022 at 5:36 PM Thanhnt Nguyen <> wrote:
Dear all
I'm working on a project which simulates vehicles in a human-aware environment
I could use omnetpp.ini to establish classes for vehicles as well as RSU (Road Site Unit). 
*.node[*].applType = "AGVControlApp"
*.rsu[*].applType = "HospitalControlApp"
I also define personFlow in rou.xml like this:
  <personFlow begin="0" id="p102a" period="6">
    <walk from="E102" to="-E102"/>
However I have no idea about declaring a class for  "person module". This class will help me know the position/coordination of every person.
Does anyone have a way to declare a person class? Or is there any solution to get the positions of every person in any personFlow?
thank you in advance

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