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[sumo-user] Deadlocks with sublane model

Hi all,

Using the sublane model (1m sublane width) I'm observing at some junctions that vehicles get blocked right in front of junctions. There seems a common pattern:

- there are 2 or 3 vehicles standing in parallel on the same lane entering a junctions (typically 1 car+1 motorcycle or 3 motorcycles side by side). More than 3 vehicles in parallel do not fit due to the limited total edge width.

- vehicles seem to block each other, even though they are heading for eitherĀ  the same edge, or to different diverging edges; target edges are free of traffic

- Something has made those vehicles stop, either a previous downstream congestion or a traffic light signal; but after the congestion went away or green light, those vehicles remain blocked and do not move until teleport.

- in all cases there is some divergence, either from 1 to 2 edges or from 1 to 2 lanes.

The phenomenon generally happens in heavily congested networks. I have see this kind of behavior already in the past, currently I am using version 1.12

Is there any trick to resolve those conflicts or has this problem been addressed in the latest development?

Thanks for any hint.

Best wishes,


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