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[sumo-user] SUMO Queries

Dear Sumo Community 
I am new to the SUMO simulator and have a few basic questions to ask. I would be thankful if you could answer the below questions:
Q1. How to calculate the travel time of a particular vehicle from source to destination. Say
I have a network of 8 edges with three vehicles and the route is defined as <route id="route_0" edges="e1 e2 e3 e4 e5 e6 e7 e8" />. I want to calculate how long will the ego vehicle take to reach from e1 to e8. Also, how can we calculate the average travel time of all vehicles?
Q2. I have a network of 2 edges and 3 vehicles on a straight lane. How can I iterate the same vehicles on the lane again and again until the simulation ends?
Q3. How can we change the lane of the ego vehicle based on the condition such as if the distance between the leading and following vehicle is less than 5 then change the lane? How the condition will be written.
Thank you

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