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[sumo-user] How to get high densities?

I'm struggling to get high flow rates in a simple model, just a straight 5km stretch of 4 lane highway.

I'm using multiple flow elements with probability set close to 1. However i can't seem to get the flow rate to ever go above 4000 vehicles per hour. This only gives me 1000 vehicles per hour per lane and an average vehicle spacing of 90 metres. I was hoping to be able to achieve a breakdown of the flow.

I've tried tried setting step length to 0.1 and using multiple copies of

<flow id="flow_0" type="DEFAULT_VEHTYPE" begin="0.00" departSpeed="max" departPos="last" departLane="best" route="route_0" end="3600.00" probability="0.9"/>

But after a certain point nothing seems to make much difference. I'm sure I'm doing something wrong or not perhaps just misunderstanding the traffic dynamics somehow.

Should I be able to ramp up the flow rate to a point where the traffic flow breaks down?

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