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[sumo-user] marouter: weight-adaption, weight-expand, (and weights-interpolate)

Hi all,

I have some trouble understanding the notion of the weight-adaption and weight-expand. I have a scenario where the aggregation period is 3600 and the weight-period is 900s. Demand is in one scenario, an OD matrix for 3600s and in the other one, two OD matrices for each 3600s (similar to
1. Is my assumption correct that the weight-adaption works similarly to the automatic routing (device.rerouting.adaptation-weight)? In my case it does not yield any difference when running the scenario with 0, 0.1, 0.9, or 1, which seems a bit strange to me.
2. In fact, the only way I get different results is when setting weight-expand true. It's not completely clear to me what this does - especially for the first scenario with a single 3600s OD matrix. 
3. Also, I am not sure what weights-interpolate does when weight-adaption would be active. 

Happy to share example files, if needed.
Any help would be appreciated!
Many thanks


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