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Re: [sumo-user] waiting time and average speed

The outputs are probably "valid" for the particular models but whether the ACC/ CACC models conform to the behavior of any particular real life fleet cannot be answered without prior calibration. Please also refer to my previous answer (
Obviously, the same holds for the default Krauss model which may differ from the driving behavior of your human fleet depending on the model parameters (and their distribution within the fleet).
The metric of 'waiting time' is sensitive to the speed threshold to determine 'halting'. Thus, the strong accelerations performed by the Krauss model may have an outsized impact on this metric compared to vehicles that are "slower" to start.


Am So., 30. Jan. 2022 um 08:25 Uhr schrieb Royal Bhandari <royalbhandari6@xxxxxxxxx>:

I am using average speed and waiting time per vehicle as my urban traffic performance index. I am comparing CACC car-following model and ACC car following models with default krauss model. I was expecting that the CACC model will have lower waiting time and higher speed in comparison to ACC and Krauss model in a congested network. This is true for speed but not for the waiting time. Am I missing something here or are the outputs which I obtained valid?

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