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[sumo-user] Forcing vehicles to start at the same time, with non-zero speed


I would like to know, if there is a way that to force all Sumo controlled
vehicles, start at the same time, without them having to start with 0 speed. 

This is what I would like to achieve:

I have a 3-lane, 1km highway, I want to be able to place vehicles randomly
on the highway (making sure they don't overlap), and having them start with
the maximum possible speed between 0 and their desired speed, that won't
cause a collision with a potential leading vehicle.

I have been reading about speedMode, and setSpeed. So if I set setSpeed to
some speed and then ignore car-following constraints with speedMode (or
setSpeedMode not sure), I'm afraid that's set then for the duration of the
whole simulation and I don't want the vehicles to be "reckless" all the
time. I just want them to start at the same time, on the predefined
locations, and avoid bumping into each-other thereafter.

Is there a way?



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