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Re: [sumo-user] How to generate 1500 number of vehicles in SUMO with specific routes?

5s yellow phase should normally be sufficient.
Please observe the vehicle that is performing emergency braking in the
- what is the speed limit on the edge before the traffic light?
- what is the vehicle speed?
- what is the distance of the vehicle to the intersection at the time it
switches to yellow?
- what is the distance of the vehicle to the intersection and what is its
speed  at the time it starts braking?

2017-10-26 8:50 GMT+02:00 Lawrence Soon <lawrencesoon86@xxxxxxxxxxx>:

> Hello Jakob,
> Thanks. The "waited too long" issue has been resolved. However, the Yellow
> Phase is set to 5s while Green Phase is set to 36s in the simulation.
> Observed the deceleration exceed what has been set in rou.xml as follows:
>     <vType accel="3.0" *decel="3.0*" id="CarA" length="5.0" minGap="2.5"
> maxSpeed="27.78" sigma="0.5"/>
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