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[sumo-dev] Manual Driving

Ok - after playing with it for a little bit, I have the ability to take control of a car and drive them manually.  However, I'm not sure the best way to accomplish the following.

1)  The user can drive the car anywhere now.  Which means if it's near a road, I would like it to be in the sumo network, else it's on it's own.
2) Normally when I am driving autonomously, I would grab a new route when I was getting close to the end of my current one.  I can't do that now, because I have no more definition of a "route".  I'm just driving around lol.

Do you know the best way to setup my car so it can switch between autonomou / manual driving, and handle the routing issues that come with driving off roads (or even turning around going in the wrong direction)?


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