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Re: [sumo-dev] Toll Plaza in SUMO

you can only have one traffic light per edge but you can still control the lights for each lane independently.
Either by loading a predefined signal plan with appropriate states and durations or by using TraCI (traci.trafficlight.setState or traci.trafficlight.setLinkState)

Stops are not a good way to model a Toll Plaza  since you have to determine the stoppling lane in advance and this precludes switching to a shorter queue. (Unless you set the stops dynamically via TraCI once a vehicle has advance to the start of its queue).

Adding a new type of traffic-responsive traffic light algorithm inside sumo would be another solution. For contributing, see


Am Mi., 20. Nov. 2019 um 00:04 Uhr schrieb Lauro de Lacerda <laurodelacerda@xxxxxxxxx>:
Hello SUMO Community.

I am trying to reproduce a Toll Plaza Scenario in SUMO.

Firstly, I was unsuccessful to model a 4-lane highway with 4 different traffic lights (with obvious distinct traffic phases and durations per lane).

I also tried to set stops with fixed duration but cars start to move to the left lane until reaching the leftmost lane. 

Is there any clear way to do this in SUMO? 

Ps.: I think maybe extending traffic light classes should be a good starting point...

Lauro de Lacerda Caetano

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