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[sumo-dev] Extending SUMO by adding a new vehicle class that runs red lights

Hello sumo-dev team,

My name is Ryan Hamamoto and I am working on a project that involves extending SUMO to implement a new vehicle class. I want this vehicle class to run red lights. I am able to make vehicles run red lights with a TraCI python script with the command

traci.vehicle.setSpeedMode("vehicle1", 7);

disabling myEmergencyBrakeRedLight and myRespectJunctionPriority, but I want it to exhibit this behavior simply by specifying my new vClass in a route file (without the need of a python script). I want to use the command


within SUMOVTypeParameter.cpp where I am declaring a new vehicle class. I have already manipulated the speedfactor, impatience, mingap, and shape of this new vehicle class, but with this command specifically, I keep getting undefined references to getInfluencer(), MSNet::getInstance(), and other functions that are declared within the microsim directory even though I have #include'd all of the microsim header files I would need at the top of SUMOVTypeParameter.cpp. I suspect that this would require modification of the makefiles, which are very puzzling to me, so any guidance you are able to offer is greatly appreciated.

Thank you,
Ryan Hamamoto

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