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[sumo-dev] Extending SUMO by adding a DSRC device

Hello sumo-dev group!

My name is Alexis Flores, I am a student working on a project which involves extending SUMO. Apologies in advance if this was not the appropriate way of contacting the mailing list and any feedback would be appreciated.

I am working on developing a DSRC device to attach to the vehicle class so that I can generate required data such as Basic Safety Messages (BSM), Emergency Vehicle Alerts (EVA), and  Intersection Collision Avoidance (ICA) messages for different DSRC applications. I have created a basic DSRC device skeleton based on the example device found within the device folder. I am attempting to include information such as the brake light status, turn signal status, and any vehicle output that can be used for DSRC messages. I have looked around the source code and mailing list archive but can not seem to find where such information is located. Is that available in any of the source folders? Any guidance/advice will be appreciated. Thanks!

Alexis Flores

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