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Re: [sumo-dev] [sumo-devel] Parallelizing sumo

I've also wondered about this, and I found the following two related papers in the "Proceedings of SUMO 2016":

(I found it via the Sublane Model page on the SUMO wiki: )

* "Distributed simulations using SUMO" - Page 51
* "Distributed Simulation in SUMO Revisited: Strategies for Network Partitioning and Border Edges Management" - Page 61


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- the simulation itself is mostly single threaded. The only part that supports parallel operation is routing (using the --device.rerouting options). duarouter can also do routing in parallel
- we have some plans to work on further parallelization in 2018
- the traci library supports connecting to multiple simulations at the same time by using traci.connect and storing the returned connection object or by using traci.start with a label argument and the retrieving the connection instance using traci.getConnection (with that label).
(getConnection is only available in the latest development version / 0.32.0)
- @Menno: you can start sumo-gui with the options --start and --quit  in order to automatically start the simulation upon loading (and quit it after
- @Menno: libsumo is due to be released tomorrow (still in alpha stage).


2017-12-17 19:20 GMT+01:00 Menno van der Woude via sumo-devel <

> Hey Abdul,
> are you looking for a way to speed up a single experiment? Given the 
> sequential nature of a simulation, I'd say it would be hard to 
> parallize SUMO that way.
> Instead, especially when using TraCI, you could start multiple 
> simulations and run them in parallel. It'd probably be best to run 
> without the UI, since that requires pressing the play button after 
> connecting (I'd be happy to know about a way around that). I guess 
> you'd need to start SUMO from your application, and then connect.
> An even better (more customizable/fine-tuneable) way might be to use 
> libsumo, which allows SUMO to run as a library. This was mentioned on 
> the mailing list beginning of July this year. I am unsure about its 
> state though; the wiki does not mention anything here.
> Kind regards,
> Menno
> Op 16-12-2017 om 21:02 schreef Abdul Rahman Kreidieh via sumo-devel:
>> Hi,
>> I am looking to speed up sumo experiments by running them on multiple 
>> threads. Is it possible to send asynchronous commands to a traci 
>> server, or are all commands handled sequentially?
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