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Re: [sumo-dev] [sumo-devel] Parallelizing sumo

Hey Abdul,

are you looking for a way to speed up a single experiment? Given the sequential nature of a simulation, I'd say it would be hard to parallize SUMO that way.

Instead, especially when using TraCI, you could start multiple simulations and run them in parallel. It'd probably be best to run without the UI, since that requires pressing the play button after connecting (I'd be happy to know about a way around that). I guess you'd need to start SUMO from your application, and then connect.

An even better (more customizable/fine-tuneable) way might be to use libsumo, which allows SUMO to run as a library. This was mentioned on the mailing list beginning of July this year. I am unsure about its state though; the wiki does not mention anything here.

Kind regards,


Op 16-12-2017 om 21:02 schreef Abdul Rahman Kreidieh via sumo-devel:

I am looking to speed up sumo experiments by running them on multiple
threads. Is it possible to send asynchronous commands to a traci server, or
are all commands handled sequentially?

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