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[sumo-dev] Version 0.32.0 released

Dear friends and users,
we are happy to announce the next release of SUMO.
The download links are at
Again, there are many new features and fixes in this release and the most important ones are listed below:
For a full list of changes with links to the new stuff, see

Major feature additions:
- Simulation step length has been decoupled from the action step length, which is the vehicle's interval of taking decisions. This can be configured globally via the option --default.action-step-length, or per vehicle via the parameter "actionStepLength"
- preliminary version of libsumo is available for experimental building of your own apps using SUMO as a "library" (calling its functions directly without TraCI)
- Added new junction model parameters to control right-of-way violations and safety gaps when passing intersections
- Added option--collision.mingap-factor to control whether collisions are registered when the vehicle ''minGap'' is violated. With the default value of 1.0 minGap must always be maintained. When setting this to 0 only ''physical'' collisions are registered.
- Tripinfo-output for pedestrians now includes ''routeLength, duration'' and ''timeLoss''
- Output of --duration-log.statistics now informs about person rides
- Rerouters now support the attribute "timeThreshold" which makes their activation dependent on on a minimum amount of accumulated waiting time.
- Upcoming stops are now shown in the vehicle parameter window and also in the network when selecting ''show current route''
- <connection> elements now support the attributes "speed" and "customShape"
- Connection and Crossing shapes can now be edited visually in Netedit
- The traffic light index of controlled connections can now be edited in 'Inspect Mode'
- The osmWebWizard tool can now be used to import public transport data
- Added new tool for importing traffic light definitions from csv input. The input format aims to be similar to the representation used by traffic engineers. Thanks to Mirko Barthauer for the contribution.

Major Bugfixes:
- Fixed collisions and invalid behavior in the sublane model
- Fixed bugs that were causing deadlocks
- Fixed bug that was causing collisions between vehicles and pedestrians
- Several fixes in regard to intermodal routing
- Fixed GUI crash when simulating pedestrians
- Fixed crash when importing Vissim networks
- Fixed several bugs that were causing invalid networks to be generated
- Fixed invalid right of way rules at node type ''traffic_light_right_on_red'' that could cause deadlock.
- Several fixes to opendrive network generation (multi-lane connecting roads, road markings, lefthand networks)
- Fixed Netedit-bug that was causing pedestrian crossings to remain uncontrolled at traffic light controlled intersections
- Fixed Netedit crash when setting linkIndex
- Fixed bugs in ''traci.vehicle.getDrivingDistance'', ''traci.vehicle.getDistance'', ''traci.simulation.getDistance2D'', ''traci.simulation.getDistanceRoad'' related to internal edges

Further Changes:
-  SUMO is now on github
- The SUMO license changed to the Eclipse Public License Version 2
- The SUMO build process now supports CMake. It is likely that version 0.32.0 will be the last one shipping Visual Studio solutions. There is additional documentation and tooling for building SUMO with Visual Studio and CMake.
- default font changed to Roboto
- TraCI version is now 17

Have fun with the new release,
Jakob, Robert, Michael, Yun-Pang, Gregor. Laura,  Leo and Pablo

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