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Re: [subversive-dev] Polarion Subversive : upgrade to SVNKit 1.10.11

Hello Cyprien,

> On the subversive gitlab repository, there are no "org.polarion.eclipse" plugins. As I just modified theĀ plugin, should I create a new one ?
> Or should I wait that you revisit connectors directly on subversive ?

If we are talking about Eclipse Subversive, most probably there will be a new bundle "" or something like this.

I need to perform inventory and cleanup for first and then I'll have a look what can we do with the recent versions of libraries required to connect. There is a probability that licenses of these libraries will not allow us to build and publish the connectors using Eclipse Foundation infra. In this case we will need to come up with another solution of how to build and publish these connectors .

If you have a possibility to perform such an investigation regarding the licenses of the recent versions of these libraries including all the required dependencies that would be great. SVNKit: JavaHL:
Otherwise please wait until it will go to the top of my list.

Unfortunately, Eclipse Subversive project has no budget, so it will take time. And, if any party is willing to sponsor this activity, it could be done much faster.


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