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Re: [subversive-dev] Polarion Subversive : upgrade to SVNKit 1.10.11

Hello Cyprien,

Nicolas is no longer active in this project, see I'm an acting Project Lead and also a Committer for Eclipse Subversive
So, you can contact me.

And you are welcome to create issues and/or provide MRs


20.09.2023 11:23, Cyprien Rouzies пишет:
Hello Alexander,

The only committer on this repository is Nicolas Peifer ( Do you know how I can contact him ?

Fyi, I have not do many modifications to the connectors, I just upgraded the version of the SVNKit jars in the lib folder and in the MANIFEST to version 1.10.11. I also had to apply a patch to SVNKit (, but this is not an issue on the connectors but more on SVNKit.

Best regards,


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